About Us

The Grouse Room began as a ritual.

The Grouse Room concept and inspiration began as a family ritual in the home and hearts of the Chiasson family, led by Willard Chiasson (father of 6) and John Chiasson (the eldest son). From Matt Chiasson, in his own words: "So it started off at Christmas time. Dad would bring a bottle of famous grouse scotch, and he and John, John being the oldest boy, would, when it was time, pour a glass of The Famous Grouse for themselves and all the siblings, and any grandkids who were of age. Everybody in the family would have either a full shot, a half shot, or a little nip to taste based on their age. It became a tradition at the main family events, whether it was Christmas or a birthday, or the anniversary of Mom's death, something like that. The family would toast to, usually my mother, and then to the event that we came together for, and of course to The Grouse. That started resonating with the family, and soon my nieces and nephews would text or call me with: "Uncle Matt, let's go find a large nip of Famous Grouse Scotch." Well we now have a place to do that on a regular basis!'" - Matt Chiasson, Owner, The Grouse Room

It has grown into a tradition.

The Grouse Room is inspired by the legacy of John Chiasson, who passed away in August of 2013. John was a renowned photographer who traveled to both work and play in exotic locations all over the world. John followed his passions and his life is a testament to that fact. He graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in the arts, and is extremely well respected within the Lafayette community and other major cities such as New York and Nashville. He photographed many famous athletes, United States Presidents and politicians. He has photographed kings and queens of countries and celebrities for magazines such as Time, People, Cigar Aficionado and ESPN magazine He also was hired by many musicians, both locally and abroad, to create their CD covers, etc. His work will be displayed in various parts of the VIP room and main dance floor, helping create a universally rich musical environment, all while honoring his legacy. Many are expected to frequent the establishment just to learn more about his endeavors and travels and to see John's work professionally displayed throughout.

Today John's legacy drives us to work and play hard, and to truly enjoy life. Because of John's love of the local arts, we found it appropriate to bring his vision through his photography from around the world back to lafayette, hence the birth of the Grouse Room. His work is displayed throughout The Grouse Room as a testament to that legacy, and we raise a glass of The Famous Grouse scotch in his honor.

It is an institution.

The Grouse Room provides an upscale environment for those who desire to enjoy themselves through dance and mingling with friends. Our sound stage features excellent performers and acts that are sure get your feet moving.

Not just a nightclub, The Grouse Room also provides the best in cocktails, ranging from pre-prohibition classics to inventive originals that will have your mind and palate begging for more. Come, listen and dance to great live music in Lafayette's premier venue, and make your own tradition with us, and raise your own glass to the Grouse, and John's legacy.